WeChat Messaging: 5 Reasons Why WeChat Makes a Good Marketing Tool

WeChat marketing

WeChat, or Weixin (literally means “micro message”) was first release in January 2011. It is a mobile messaging application, allowing text and voice messaging service. By second quarter of 2013, Android Store ranked WeChat as the most popular social networking application in its country of origin, China as well as Malaysia. On the same day, WeChat also ranked first on Apple Store in seven countries including Brunei and United Arab Emirates.

Now many top companies are opting to use WeChat marketing as one of their marketing tools. According to the performance of today’s WeChat marketing, there are two kinds of business that benefit from WeChat marketing; companies that target on mass market, and companies focusing on local customers.

There are five reasons why those companies choose WeChat marketing, and maybe you should too;

1. Power of social marketing

The huge number of users brings a lot of advantages. Where people get together, there’s marketing opportunities. Every marketer knows that we should go where the crowd is. Being a messaging app that also functions as a social media, WeChat provides virtual form of word-of-mouth marketing platform.

For example, ‘sharing moment’ function allows users to repost somebody else’s moment onto their own moment feeds. It creates a huge network of B2B, B2C, C2C for direct marketing.

2. Function

Moment, voice message, look around, shake, drift bottle, signature, QR code etc do not only increase the interactivity of the users but also provide WeChat marketers with many choices of attractive marketing tools. Be creative, play around with these features and you’ll find a unique, interesting ways to market your business with WeChat.

3. Online sales

WeChat shop has aroused attention from almost all the e-commerce market in China, and the potential of it in Malaysia online business scene is inevitable. What’s best is you can directly notify your followers on your updates.

4. O2O business model friendly

QR code scan function allows express mobile payment, coupon, and automatic membership registration available to WeChat users. ‘One scan away’ technology will replace ‘one click away’ one and admit it – it is more fun too, if not faster!

5. Games

To socialize and to play games on the internet are favorite past times of the youth today, which makes up the highest age group of internet users. Social game is getting more and more popular with the easy-to-install plugins. It’s foreseeable that WeChat games will get a sounding success in this field – something for marketers to take opportunity on.

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