Why Your Business Need Waze Advertising?

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Waze is the most popular and perhaps most widely used navigation app in Malaysia. By going social, Waze brings navigating and mapping app to a whole new level. Another unique trait of Waze is that it crowdsources the real time traffic data from the users, and now the app is doing great in the lucrative market of mobile advertising in malaysia.

There are two formats of advertising that you can play with Waze – branded pins and takeover ads. Branded pins show drivers how far away they are from stores. Takeovers are interstitial ads that pop up when the vehicle is idle for 3 seconds or more, and disappear when the car starts moving.

According to Jordan Grossman, head of U.S. sales at Waze, the average Waze user spends more than 5 hours with the app each month. That high level of engagement increases the advertisers’ confidence in Waze marketing.

Here are the reasons why you should consider Waze advertising malaysia for your business;

1. Wide market coverage
If you buy a branded pin that represents your business on Waze maps, it directly reaches a community of 1.5 million people in Malaysia. When it comes to Waze marketing Malaysia has a great potential in term of market coverage.

2. Waze is social navigation apps
According to Yael Elish, the Vice President Product & Marketing at Waze, while most of all sharing features in Waze are to do with solving problems for drivers, they have built systems within the app to let users share their enthusiasm with friends over their favorite social networks.

This opens the door to word of mouth marketing once your potential turn into your customer. They can instantly share your location with their friends and family using Waze.

3. Your business is shown to drivers approaching your location or searching nearby
A breakthrough in mobile marketing, Waze advertising allows you to target your audience who might not live or work nearby, but happens to be driving nearby. It works just like a mobile billboard. This is perfect for food joint, hotel/motel or auto services to promote their business based on their and their potentials’ locations.

4. Tailor your ads to the weather condition
Besides targeting your promotion by time, day and location, Waze enables you to tailor your promotion to the weather conditions as well. The app has a partnership with Accuweather to update the real-time weather like temperature and humidity that brands can buy ads against. You can change the ad on the fly to promote specific items or services at different times of the day. For example, an ad might push hot coffee in the cold rainy morning and frappuccino in the hot sunny afternoon.

5. Your business appears prominently in Waze search results
When you advertise with Waze, Waze users can choose to click through or save the promotion ads to see it later when they have reached their destination. In other days when they want to search for your business or your competitor’s on Waze – or when any relevant keywords are typed in the search box – your business will appear prominently on the search results where it is easy to get noticed.

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