Using Whatsapp To Boost Your Business

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It’s quite impossible to find someone who has never heard of, or doesn’t use Whatsapp. This highly popular messaging service is used by a large number of people around the world as a communication tool, without having to pay sky-high phone bills. It has also become one of the most effective and affordable direct marketing tools for several businesses, thanks to its versatility, high usability across various demographic sections and the fact that it does not capitalize on its audience by advertising towards them. These are among the facts why Whatsapp is also at the forefront as a favourite marketing tool among business-owners.

Better Open Rate Than Email

One might ask “Why businesses should use WhatsApp to promote instead of the conventional e-mail system?” Although e-mail has been utilized well over the years for the same purpose, surviving a competitive market requires every business-owner to keep up with trends. Apart from that, they need to create successful communication with their customers by using the correct method. When you use the medium preferred by your customers, you’ll most likely get better response from them. In 2010, a study performed by the Pew Research Center discovered that text messages have a 98% chance of being opened and read within minutes of their arrival, which is an open rate well above email (13.2%) and conventional mail (3.4%).

Great Marketing Tool

Through Whatsapp, small and medium-sized businesses are able to improve their customer experience and enhance their client base considerably. In order to use Whatsapp for making a mobile promotion to target your existing and new customers, you need contact information of your customers. Moreover, you can also provide your customers quick services according to their specific requirements and achieve complete customer satisfaction through this tool.

Enhanced Customer Service

You can easily respond to all feedback and queries from your customers promptly. You have the opportunity to connect with your target customers and generate maximum leads for your business as the number of smartphone users keep increasing. The application allows you to send images and videos, making your entire marketing campaign more engaging and interesting compared to traditional marketing tools.

Employee Communication Becomes Better

The employees of your company can also enjoy the benefits of Whatsapp, which will ultimately boost the productivity of your business. Whether it’s a motivational message to lift the team morale, or an important update about a particular assignment, this tool will make it easy and effortless. You can also communicate with your team members to strategize or find solutions in real time.

With the current competitive market in place, business owners are compelled to engage innovative marketing tools, cutting-edge technologies as well as workable strategies to promote their business. By doing so, not only will they be able to promote their products and services, they can also build new business contacts and transform the prospects into potential clients. Whatsapp helps businesses, small and big alike, to achieve this efficiently.

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