Social Recruitment – Why You Should Go For It

social recruitment

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are no longer being used to socialize and communicate. Social media functions go as far as marketing tool, educational channel and the latest – recruitment.

With such a vast repository of data and newest updates every second throughout the world, the possibilities are endless. The success of LinkedIn has led to an industry around using social media for recruitment, and it’s going to take over the world by storm.

More and more companies have found out the effectiveness of social recruiting in bringing in highly qualified job seekers and passive candidates in short period of time at a low cost. Let us discuss more on the benefit of social recruiting.

1. Reaching the unreachable

With social media channel such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you’ll be able to find out to candidates who otherwise are unreachable with traditional recruiting techniques. For instance, a busy manager might not have time to go through the process of job seeking but he could just be a few clicks away from applying to your company. Passive candidates can be reached easily as they rarely visit job boards. With the help of social media, you can even send a message and invite them to an interview.

2. Cost effective

Instead of hiring headhunters, you can significantly cut costs through social recruiting. Through social media, employers can reach candidates faster and at a lower cost because, as opposed to agencies, job boards or referrals, recruiting with social media is totally free.
In spite of this, it is recommended that you hire social media professionals to manage your company’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. These professionals will also handle community engagement to drive candidates to your offline and online jobs.

3. Reaching the best candidate

Individuals who are active on social networks tend to be beta testers of new and innovative tools, and they are more exposed to trends or movements in their market. They have the types of skills people look for in potential employees. Social media is also great for referrals and recruiters know they have the highest chances to result in a mutual fit. In addition, social media tools allow employers to engage with their target audience and easily identify whether the candidates are a good cultural fit for the company or not.

4. Faster response from candidates

Because communication is done online, you can expect a quicker response time from candidates and applicants. Also, you can recruit them directly for positions that the company offers. In short, there’s no need for middlemen like headhunters to handle the company’s recruitment process. On another note, because there is less spam, employers will get a better and higher response rate when using social networks to communicate with potential candidates.

5. Positions are filled faster

Compared to traditional recruiting approaches, social recruiting allows positions to be filled faster. Social media will spread the information about a company making more people aware of its job opportunities and getting employers in front of candidates whom they may never find through traditional hiring methods. Another reason is because you can post as many jobs as you like with minimal cost, so there’s nothing stopping you from hiring your best talent sooner.

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