Social Recruitment – How To Ace It

Social Recruitment: How to ace it

In previous article, we have discussed the benefits of social recruiting. Now that you’ve decided to go for it, you are probably thinking on how to do it? Today we would like to highlight the tips, strategies and method on how to do recruiting via social media the correct way to boost the success rate of hiring.

1. Identify your goals and objectives

You need to spend some time thinking about your goals and how to achieve them. Just using Social Media tools without knowing where you are heading to are not going to fulfill your recruitment needs. You need to research your business’ goal, how social media would fit into your overall business strategy, what social media channels your potential candidates use, what level of resource commitment you can afford, and some other points that may come up for your specific business.

2. Identify target audience

Once you’ve gathered the above information, including the amount of time dedicated to social media, you can proceed to the next step which is to identify your specific target audience. Check out LinkedIn groups and Facebook community pages to find out where the people who qualify for your jobs hangout. Don’t forget to establish your company as subject-matter experts first before recruiting, and that brings us to the next point.

3. Retain the audience using great content

Besides offering interesting jobs, your social recruiting page must also offer useful content that they can use. Whether it is viral information, helpful articles or motivational posters, satisfy them so they would always return.

4. Engage with candidates and key influencers

A great way to attract potential candidates is to engage with them at their level, respond to their comments and messages, encourage them to post, ask useful questions – all these welcome followers naturally.

5. Create both short-term and long-term approach

Getting the best talent using social media is not an overnight success. Most of the time, it takes months and sometimes even more than a year to reap the fruits. You are going to compete with other recruiters that may or may not use the same method of recruiting. A solid plan to develop and diversify your contents and approach is good, just like how marketers use promotions in business.

Just like the online marketers, social recruiters have to learn how to use each platform and utilize its features to be ahead of the rest. Remember you goals and stick to it. It’s not about the number of followers or view, but the actual applications from people who are qualified.

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