Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Integration for Business

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Integration for Business

Many people think that the new version of Google Penguin will have an adverse effect on Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and may hinder SEO executives from performing certain tactics, thus leading to the downfall of SEO itself. But that is not exactly true. While certain SEO tactics may be penalized by Penguin, other tactics will remain invincible to algorithmic changes of Google.

Regardless of how many people think that SEO is not relevant anymore, if applied correctly and wisely traditional backlinks still hold some influence. While business owners nowadays are busy getting their hands on social media as a tool of marketing, the success of online marketing requires all elements of SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and social media marketing to work together.

Social media is not only a great medium to generate fans and followers, but its content ranks well on search engines. Social media drives offline sales with the help of SEO. While many search engine user research for your products online, many of them make their purchases offline. It is the search engines that present these searches with locally relevant results.

With communications at the tips of our finger people nowadays no longer blindly believe in what they see on the advertisement. They want ‘social proof’ and validation of their choices such as product reviews and testimonials. Social media is first and foremost about networking. One principle in social media networking for business is to offer value to the community. More often than not, this value is provided by the information and what you have to offer to the community. One good example is business’s blog.

The content of the blog should be new, fresh and relevant because one of the most important factors in the Search Engine Algorithm is fresh relevant content. The nature and freshness of your corporate website will influence how your page will rank on search results. Keyword research, the most basic part of SEO, is fundamental to the development of fresh and relevant content. Integrating keywords effectively into social media content will help in making sure your content reach your existing and potential customers.

In addition to the content itself, inbound links also determine web page placement in search engine result page. These inbound links (or backlinks) should be obtained from website or social media pages which are relevant to your business.

While the keywords for your contents bring them to social media and search engines, the optimized content for social media will bring traffic to your website through improved results in search engine results. The contents will help the links, the links help the social media and the interaction goes on and on.

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