Social Media Marketing Strategy for Developer and Property Management Company

Social media marketing strategy for developer and property management company

Many property managing companies own comprehensive, informative and interactive corporate website with many interesting features. But speaking from marketing perspective, a website by itself is no longer enough. Social media presence, with good online campaign is a must.

As a basic, you should have official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts as part of your overall marketing strategy. For all types of social networking, good, regular and timely unique content are what it takes to ensure you get the attention of your audience.

As a property management organization, your social media page has 3 main purposes which are;

1. To retain your residents

It is important to show your clients that you listen to them, and that you would do all you can to ensure their convenience. Communicate, and engage!

2. To find prospects

What’s best about Facebook despite the fuss about lacking of privacy is that it makes a good ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing tool. Facebook is the place where you can target friends-of-fans and potential future residents easily and efficiently.

3. To advertise

Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories augments the possibility of reaching new prospects in addition to the sidebar ads that are easily overlooked by Facebook users. People find it hard to ignore content within their news feeds, so might as well allocate more budget on the former.

Just like how you calculate your ROI on your properties, it is fairly important for you to know your ROI when it comes to Facebook marketing. Here is a method on how to calculate your Facebook ROI according to Charity Hisle, social media consultant at Socially Engaged Marketing. Start by determining your goals. What are you spending (in time and dollars) to achieve your goal? Once you calculate what you’re spending, determine the value of your goal. These are essential to the ROI formula: ROI = Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment (including time and money) divided by the Cost of Investment (including time and money).

Here’s an overly-simple example:
The goal is to get leads.
The value of a lead is RM100.
The investment in Facebook in time is 1 hour (let’s say about RM25 per hour).
The Facebook investment in dollars is RM300.
We receive 5 leads.
ROI = RM500 – RM325/RM325 = 53.8%

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