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2014 is already gearing up to be an exciting year for destination marketing and marketing hotels online via social media. Online marketers must continually update their social media strategies to stay in-tune with the latest marketing trends, on-target with the changing industry, and in touch with their desired audience. Travellers nowadays are continually being wooed and wowed by competitors eager to engage them. Online review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google’s aggregations have given rise to peer-to-peer conversations and assessments of hotels, restaurants and other services on a scale never seen before.

Here is some social media marketing guide on how to get the attention of the social media users, woo them, and lure them to your hotels. You might get lucky with these tips.

1. Listen and respond

You may use tools like like Brandwatch and HootSuite to diligently listen to and monitor mentions of your brands and hotels to be proactive in your customer support. Whether it’s a user complaining on a specialist forum or a group of people on a popular social network like Twitter exchanging information on the latest offers, it would be best to address them through personalized and helpful messages.

2. Blog

A blog post is a kind of indirect review or testimonial you wrote about your own product. Use blog post to inform the audience on activities, attractions, dining, shopping, nightlife etc. All these will provide your guests with suggestion on activities to be included in their itinerary, and help them in packing and in preparing budgets as well. Blog posts are constant source of content that you can share on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

3. User generated content

Create campaigns that allow your guests to post their own pictures. By giving your guests the power to post their own content, you’ll receive priceless feedback and loyalty – not to mention, a wide variety of content that your own hotel marketing team couldn’t come up with!
Having the as guest writers in your blog is also a good idea, especially if they are bloggers themselves.

4. Link, tag and mention

Use ‘@’ and tag or mention local companies and attractions in your Tweets and Facebook posts so that they get notified. This will jump start your interaction online and expand your influence. To make it easy, think like your guests. Get connected to cities, tourist attractions and tourist information centers by liking their page and sharing their posts.

5. Virtual check-in

Local check-in site like FourSquare or Gowalla can help you gain exposure and promote your hotels and its food outlets. You may offer them discount for more than 3 nights stay, or a complimentary drink at the restaurant when checking in online if staying at the hotel. It is important to integrate your social media marketing with traditional marketing. Let your guest know about this promotion through print marketing materials.

6. Audio visual

Find interesting and funny videos of your destination and add them to your YouTube Channel to create a sort of video tour guide. Compliment the ‘producer’ and let them know you put it on your official channel.
You may recycle this type of content across social media, share the YouTube videos in your Facebook fan page and Twitter account.

7. Be funny and original

A sense of humour works better than a formal and conventional approach. Post something that they want to share the laughter over with their friends.

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