Social Media Beez Colony

Susan Sia – The Queen Beez

As the Managing Director, Sia heads the Social Media Beez colony by being responsible for its daily operation, including being accountable for its overall performance, managing resources efficiently and effectively, developing and delivering its strategic plans and defining its business framework.

As the Queen Beez of the Colony, she leads by example and manages, motivates, develops the right direction to her management team and her staff.

Sia sees the urgency need of creating a buzz and its high demand to promote clients’ business, product and services through social media platforms globally. As a result, she initiates the buzz and works closely with her team to provide assistance and professional advice to potential companies and prospects through global social media and networking. Sia believes with the right formula, effort and synergy, it will help to provide low investment with high returns in positive results for clients.

Sia aims to develop the Colony into a total beezness solution centre for clients that offer innovative social media solutions and platforms, brilliant digital marketing campaigns and mobile application. She sees the importance of assisting clients to build a strong brand through a large group of followers and fans and to create a viral buzz in marketing their business, products and services locally and globally.

Previously, Sia spent seven years with where she worked in various departments and held several important key portfolios, including client servicing, key account management, training, market research, marketing strategy and sales and business development.

Sia graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Information Systems from University Tunku Abdul Rahman and a Diploma in Computer Science from Tunku Abdul Rahman College.

Derrick Chia

As the Business Development Director, Derrick Chia has an established track record of driving growth, innovative ideas, efficiency and profitability for leading-edge companies. Chia has more than twenty years of experience in the global Creative and Public Relations industries, focusing on traditional media, including electronic, print and outdoor media.

With a combined background and expertise in mass communication, creative advertising and promotional campaigns as well as media marketing strategies, Chia seen the best possible potentials in pushing forward connectivity and building relationships with the masses, particularly in the global and local businesses through social media marketing. Getting connected via all social media tools somehow becomes his newly-found passion and addiction like a bee to honey.

Chia has seen the remarkable impact created by the social media industry in Malaysia and the world at large, especially how successful it is connected to Generation-X and Y. He discovered that a success of a social media platform lies in the development of creative content and communications which he has mastered over the years. With the appropriate application of tools and social media platforms, he believes that we can create and inject fresh and trendy buzz to the local and global online communities.

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