5 Ways to Use Pinterest for your Business

pinterest for business

Apart from Instagram, Pinterest is another popular visual based social media platform that became a trend a few years back. Its success is proven by the existence of Pinspire, the clone of Pinterest created by Rocket Internet last year. One may not recognize the potential of Pinterest as a tool for online marketing for it is a primarily visual site with only one thing to do on it, which is to share photos. Nevertheless, Pinterest can be a quite effective platform for internet marketing. Here’s what you can do on your company’s Pinterest wall.

1. Pin Your Website
Although social media platforms have been great in boosting your online presence, it does not mean that it is okay to take your company’s website for granted. While social media is the place to interact with your followers (customers, potential customers, suppliers, vendors alike), your company’s website would still be the main source of legit information on the internet about your goods and services.

If your business is a service provider, most probably you have a ‘How To’ blog, so why don’t you create a board on Pinterest specifically for those informative blog posts. Your audience will know exactly what it is when it goes live on the network, and it’s great to drive traffic as well. If you have infographics on your website make sure it’s available on Pinterest as well. You might have various services of products to offer, so by having separate boards, people will learn your product easily.

This works in a manner of ways. If your business is a service provider and you have “How To” blogs about how to use features you offer, create a board specifically for them. People want to know immediately how your brand works, so by having separate boards explaining what each of your service options are and how to use them is an easy way for people to learn your product.

2. Pin up promotion
If you could run contests or special promotions, why not do the same on Pinterest? Reward those who follow you on Pinterest by pinning sweepstakes and special vouchers. You may want to cross-promote contests across social networks. You may tailor your promotions according to the season or the behavior of your followers – see what they like, share and repin the most.

3. Contributor Boards
Just like famous blogs who have an allocation for contributors’ articles, you may have contributor boards on Pinterest as well! Learn to trust your audience to pun onto this special board. Invite them to post on this community boards to show that you have an interactive community, that you care for your customers. What more, you could invite your vendors or corporate clients to contribute too!

4. Connect it to your other social profiles and website
Just like most social media sites, Pinterest does allow you to connect your account with other networks such as Facebook and Twitter, in addition to your company’s website. Think of it this way – your Facebook page is like a video call, your Twitter is like your text message, while your Pinterest is your MMS. The other two social media platforms will help complement the information you pin on Pinterest, and you may well be posting different content on these networks. While providing a shortcut for your audience to visit all of your channels, it increase your engagement and numbers of audience as well.

5. Complement your SEO strategy
One of the most used SEO strategies is Link Building. While we interact with customers on social media, at the same time we could implement this strategy. Add a link to your post so that when someone pins it, a new backlink that lead to directly to your site is created. Whether it is soft linking or hard linking, this may contribute to an increase in traffic and site authority.

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