How to Use Photo Comment Feature on Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook photo comment feature

Recently, Facebook has launched a cool new feature which is photo comment. You can now do more in the comment box rather than entering text and smileys. The photo icon allows you to upload photos in addition to your boring text comment. In social media marketing, any new feature means a new tool to build your brand on the World Wide Web. Here’s what you can do with it.

1. Ask your follower to share the photos of your products that they like most, of photos of them using your products
The reason you are there on Facebook is to engage your customers and potential customers. Isn’t it great to have fans posting photos of your product on your page and help to market it without much effort? This way you may automatically get some feedback about your product.

2. Answer questions with images
This is such a creative way to respond to enquiries. It is especially helpful if the enquiry is about how to use your product. Moreover, by using images or simple graphics you portray your seriousness in taking care of your customers that you are willing to put in the effort to respond to them.

3. Mini contest
You may run a mini photo contest right there in the comment box, thanks to the photo comment feature. It saves a lot of time and resources setting up a contest page.

4. Ask followers to share resources
Who doesn’t love infographics? You may ask your followers to share their favorite infographics, whether it is directly relevant to your product or not. This way, you elevate your page status from merely business listing page to knowledge sharing page.

5. Get fans to share their moments
Ask your fan about their day, or how they celebrate their festivals or holidays. Encourage them to answer with a photo and there you go! A wall filled of festive and joyous fan photos.

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