Making the Most of Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

mobile marketing strategy

Marketing tools and strategies are ever changing, parallel with the development of newest technology and human behavior. Technology shapes human behaviour, and vice versa. Marketing is a field that is concerned with human behavior and the environment.

People nowadays, no matter how young or how old, never go anywhere without their handphones. Long gone the days where the internet is only for youngsters, and long gone the days where communicating with billions of people across the globe at the same time is science-fiction material. Mobile marketing is no longer the next big thing, instead it is the ‘in thing’ now. If you do not include mobile marketing in your marketing effort, you are losing out.

Here are some ways you could leverage mobile marketing in your small business.

1) Make sure your website is smartphone friendly
Optimize your corporate website and any significant social media pages especially your Facebook business page to be mobile friendly. The size of the text and images must be taken into consideration. Keep the textual content more brief and concise, placing the location and contact information in a prominent space.

2) Optimize your newsletter for mobile
Since people spend most of their time on their handphones instead of computers like yesteryears, more emails are viewed on a smartphone but unfortunately emails that are not mobile optimized will end up deleted. It is a must to use email optimized layout, preferably single column, and a font size of no larger than 14.

3) Claim and optimize local listings
Attracting new customers using your local listings is a smart move, but you must make sure those listings work for you. Go where your potential clients are, keep your info up to date and include all your promotions.

4) Track your progress
Utilize and install an analytics program such as Google Analytics to find out if your mobile marketing is paying off. You can make use of the features such as segmenting and referral tracking to analyze your clients’ behavior which is really useful in marketing planning.

5) Special deals
Everyone loves special deals. For instance, mobile coupons have turned out to be a good marketing tool for O’Briens. Mobile coupons are trackable, allowing the café to see how many people click on the offer and redeem it at its outlets. When a customer shows the cashier the coupon on the mobile device, the cashier simply clicks the button to redeem it and the data will be recorded.

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