LinkedIn Recruiting Tips

LinkedIn recruiting tips

Gone are the days where recruiters simply post a position on a job board and wait for a stream of applications to flow in. More and more employers are wising up, and using LinkedIn for recruitment is no longer reserved for the experts and people in Silicon Valley. Here are a few simple ways you can source for great candidates through LinkedIn.

1. Expand your network

Don’t wait until there are vacancies to start building your professional networks of contracts. Reach out and connect with people in and beyond your industry. The variety of contacts brings great source of referrals.

You may want to take a look at the people they have recommended in the past and why. This can serve as another source for referrals.

2. Utilize LinkedIn recruiting tools

    • Advanced search
      On the most basic level, you can use the Advanced Search function to type in a variety of key words, locations and job titles and bring up a shortlist of potential candidates. If you’re looking for someone with a specific skill set, use that skill as a keyword in your search. Smart candidate will have it included in their profile.
    • Online job advertising on LinkedIn
      You can also post jobs on LinkedIn. You have to pay for it but it is worth it since many of today’s candidates use social media, including sites like LinkedIn when searching for new jobs.
    • Group message boards
      It is recommended to join LinkedIn groups in relevant industries, and get involved in their discussions. This will open the doors to a large number of qualified candidates.
    • 2nd and 3rd degree connection
      A shortcut to recruiting via LinkedIn is to contact those in your network and ask them which of their contacts would be best qualified for the position.

3. Direct Candidates to LinkedIn Profile

Many recruiters are steering away from their other social networks and focusing their time on LinkedIn primarily as an ongoing source of excellent candidates. Therefore, direct potential candidates to your LinkedIn profile by sharing your link or username on your company’s official Facebook page, blog etc.

4. Use your rival as a source

Source for candidates by their employers. Your competition is a good choice since they are doing the same business hence it is most likely that their employees are equipped with the knowledge and skill you are looking for in a candidate. Use the company name as a keyword in your search.

5. Share content and information

To increase your networking ability without becoming overly sales-pitched, it is good if you could share some insight with others in the form of articles, blog posts, and even social media posts on your LinkedIn page.

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