Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy

ross-media marketing synergy with social media

Social media with organic content is very effective in creating engagement and spreading information, but it is only for a short term. Social media alone is not enough to achieve economics of scare when you are trying to build relationships with the public on a small group basis. Social media is not a solo act, it is better be a part of a larger strategy.

The trend in marketing nowadays is to add or integrate social media components to the existing marketing initiatives. Here are some ways you can achieve cross-media marketing synergy with social media.

1. SEO
Social media marketing team should work with SEO team and cooperate on extracting the benefit and influence from each of the team’s platform. Optimize every content, create more bait for inbound links, and distribute as widely as possible.

2. Campaign
Use social media to broadcast your campaign while focusing your engagement with certain specific crowd or social personas. These will boost your campaign success. It is best appeal to your audience and drives more serious engagement.

3. Email
Social sharing should be added to your email direct marketing. Include your social icons in your emails, and ask your email subscribers to connect and contribute. You could include ‘Retweet this’ and ‘share this on Facebook’ button in your email as well. Likewise, promote email signups via your social networks.

4. Website
Make your website social to drive more traffic that stays. It is not an easy task, but it is worth the shot. Instead of just sharing and liking, by using social sign-in, references and recommendations can drive inbound links and conversion on your website. Socially-centric content will be the bait to bring in the engagement and virality of it.

5. Live events
Besides presenting live feeds during the events, you may extend the event before and after it happens, using social media. Teasers are good to ignite curiosity and excitement. Ask your followers to share their experiences, preferably in the forms of photos and videos with a call to action.

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