5 Most Important Steps to Turn “Likes” into Lead

convert facebook like into customer

In general, Social Media is a good channel to increase Brand awareness and attract new customers. One of the well-known and most utilised platforms of Social Media marketing today is Facebook, which has over 1 billion users – and it is indeed a great marketing opportunity for any business.

In Facebook marketing, most of the companies are only emphasis on the increase total number of fans, YET it is not really important to have many fans, when those “Likes” do not meet their overall strategic goals, including increasing sales, leads and overall revenue. So the TRUE value of Social Media is about how you interact with your fans and audience and turn them into your quality pay customers.

I believe we can bring you some idea on how to convert your Facebook fans into lead with these 5 most important steps:

1) Engage Your Facebook Fans
Generate brand loyalty and brand awareness by effectively communicating your unique message, and responding to user posts regularly. By consistently updating your Facebook status in line with these values, your audience will grow to understand, trust, and respect you and your brand.

2) Create Contest
Offer Facebook-exclusive sweepstakes and awarding cool prizes to build the buzz, perhaps providing an extra entry if the user shares the promotion with his or her social network. Running a sweepstakes or giveaway is a great avenue for collecting emails for your marketing campaign and to nurture future sales.

3 )Always Post with…

  • An image/photo
  • A link
  • A video

4) Make Customised Tabs to Promote Offers
By taking advantage of the functionality you already have on your Facebook page, you can create more avenues of opportunity when it comes to translating likes into leads. In order to convert your likes into leads, create a tab to emphasize your exclusive offers. Customized tabs can be used to enlist your most attractive offers.

5) Statistics and Analysis
Facebook Insights may not update your posts in real-time, but its close enough that you can rapidly adjust posts you have made an impact to the audience. Facebook Insights allows you to research on what your Facebook audience has been responding to, what they have clicked on, and when they are most active. If you see a post’s engagement start to increase and later, skyrocket, consider paying to promote it to a larger audience. You will not only drive more traffic to your page, you should also see an increase number of the clicks on any links which you have included in the post.

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