Facebook Marketing for Restaurants: The Secret Ingredients


In most of our articles, we keep reminding you that there is no one-size-fits-all formula in online marketing. Every single client of us is served with custom package tailored to your business objectives and needs. However, to make things easier we can group our customers according to the size of their business or the industry they are in.

Many restaurants now have their own Facebook business listing page. They use this platform to updates their followers on their latest promotions, branch opening and job vacancy. But the question is, is it enough? Do they do it right? Other businesses use the same strategy as well. What does make it different for Facebook marketing for restaurants?

In this article we would like to enlightened restaurant owners out there on the key ingredients of Facebook marketing for their business.

1. Menu tab

This is the most important element in your Facebook page. The reason your followers turn into your customers is because they are attracted by what’s on your menu. If you have a website (It’s better if you do) link the tab to the menu in your website, which is usually more comprehensive.
Make sure your tab menu is mobile-friendly. Customers might want to decide what to order as they are en route to your restaurant.

2. Email Sign-up Tab

Grow your email list to reach more potential customers. Email sign-up tab make it easy for them to register their email address. By combining social media marketing with email marketing you may offer e-coupons and vouchers for your subscribers as an incentive.

3. Flaunt your assets

‘Foodporn’ and ‘foodie’ are two new terms that provide enough reason for you to show off your goods on your Facebook fanpage. Make your fans drool and allure them with your phone number for reservations. Collages are a fun way to show off your foods in one minimum number of photos uploaded. However, when introducing new items on the menu we highly recommend you to post a bigger, higher quality photo of them as opposed of making a collage of more than 3 photos.

4. Highlight your events

Do you host any live bands, or host birthday parties? Whatever events that take place in your premise, highlight it on your page and make use of the events app to promote it to let people know that you make a good host!

5. Testimonial

This is a quite important element for good publicity. Ask your customers to give their testimonials and ask them if they want to be featured in your page as the Customer of the Week, for example.

6. Offers

Have you seen this newest tab on Facebook? It’s located right where you write a post – where you choose to post a status, photo/video or event/offer. Use this to promote offers which can then be shared with all of your fans’ friends

7. Polls

Polls are a great way to interact with your fans and get valuable feedback. You might ask them a simple question then provide choice of answers, or present them with a collage of photos and ask them to state their favorite (e.g. dishes, servings, restaurant setting etc) in the comment box. This will get them talking and boost your engagement rate.

8. Target locals

A new Facebook feature allows advertisers to target consumers based on town. This means that you can blast an ad to those who live close to your restaurant. This is especially handy when you are announcing the opening of your new branch.

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