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Blog post titles are the first point of contact between the article and reader, where the effectiveness of your post title will determine whether the reader clicks it or just moves on to the next best thing. No matter how good and compelling the content is, it is nothing without an attractive, effective title.

Today we bring you a few tips on how to come up with the post title that will grab attention while simultaneously giving enough information about the content.

1. The title should reflect the content concisely

The best blog post title will stimulate the need to click your post, by making the reader feels that there should be something to gain from it. If your article is partly factual, make sure the title engages the reader i.e. by making the reader feels that the post is relevant for them to read. Never fall in the trap of coming up with a catchy and sensational blog post title that does not reflect your content at all or it will lead to bad reputation. Make sure your title immediately conveys what the reader will benefit from reading the full article.

2. Use the right keyword

Writers usually rely on Google Adwords’ keyword tool to help them select the right keywords. The terminologies that are frequently used by us may not necessarily be the suitable keyword for our blog post title. We have to be creative in generating keywords variation in order to find the most searched in search engines to make it SEO friendly. Thesaurus makes a good friend of any kind of writers, including content marketing writers.

3. Keep it short and sweet

It is always, always better to keep the title concise. Too long and descriptive titles will steer the readers away. You should include your hook, but make sure it is short and to the point. According to Rebecca Radice (, titles with eight words or less performs best.

Don’t forget to position your keywords at or near the beginning of your title. This is to make sure that it gives immediate effect to the readers. Sometimes if the title is long we tend to read only the first few words and ignore the rest.

4. Use numbered lists

According to a research by Content Marketing Institute, titles that began with a number work 45% better than the average. If you are to use colon, position your keywords before the colon and the number later in the title.

5. Brainstorm and discuss with colleagues

Everybody knows how it feels to get stuck with just one or two ideas that are not good enough. Sometimes it is better to write down the whole blog post first and the right title might come to your mind as you are writing or rereading it. Sometimes it is better to brainstorm in a group, plus the others in your team would highly likely to remind you if you have been using the same phrase or words in your recent previous posts.

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