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When publishing your job posts in a recruitment site, you are in essence paying a rental fee to display your message in their turf and hoping that applicants will apply to your brand over others.

By installing your own Branded RecruitmenTab, you’re owning your recruitment space and can then reaching out to the specific demographics that are essential to your recruitment needs. And you’re not sharing the attention of that space with any other brand.

Benefits of recruiting with Recruitment Tab on Facebook:

facebook recruitment app

Maximize With Social Sharing
RecruitmenTab allow you to push your job posts instantly onto your Facebook feed. Capitalize on the your collective Brand demographics within these networks and benefit from organic social-reach and the social viral effect.

Easy Admin Management
RecruitmenTab allows you to add admin, by name, department, position and country etc. So you can easily manage your app admins and know who’s in the recruitment process. This feature is useful for multinational or large companies who have several people/departments involved in the hiring process.

Real-Time Admin Chat
Keep everyone on the same page with the real-time chat system inside every application. HR and App Admin can view & comment on each applicants interview status & the recruitment process.

Branded = Trustworthy
Publishing to your own Branded recruitment space ensures that applicants will apply more readily because they know it’s not a recruitment agent who will contact them but the Brand’s HR rep.

Hence, the applicants aren’t dreading the many loops to jump through to get hired or even get short-listed.

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