5 Misconception or Mistakes in Online Marketing

5 Misconception or Mistakes in Online Marketing

Internet marketing has somehow become a ‘trend’ in the business world. Sometimes we get overly excited to walk with the crowd or to walk ahead of the crowd especially if we are completely new to this unconventional method of marketing. Unfortunately, many of us may become confused, discouraged or even losing money due to their misconceptions about online marketing or mistakes they make such as following;

1.Internet marketing is not a replacement for offline marketing

People have different perception and interpretation of what internet or online marketing is. For some, internet marketing is purely a business model, but for some it may means a channel that definitely or sometimes exclusively can be used to reach their customers.

In general, internet marketing is, of course – a type of marketing tools. It is advised to look at internet marketing as a tool you can use to apply basic marketing concepts that you’ve been using in your offline marketing effort. The same principles apply in online marketing, answering these questions– identifying who are your target audience, where can you find them, how do you reach them, and why would they want to buy your product.

2.The main purpose of internet marketing is not limited to being noticed
Fan counts, and the numbers of ‘Likes’ can be pretty tricky to interpret because of its tendency to deceive us into thinking that those figures equal to success of online marketing strategy. While it’s true that internet marketing is about building engagement and gaining visibility within your target market, the metric of followers, friends or fans does not reveal fake or uninterested followers. It is not easy to identify which one of your followers who actually care about and support your business, or are just interested in your posts on those social media platforms. The best strategy would be to get noticed and then turn those ‘Likes’ into ‘Leads’ and ‘Conversions’.

3.Internet marketing does not go with the plan A, B and whatever alphabet there is.
The header might sound ridiculous, but we assure you that there are not specific plans that is going to get you ahead in the arena of internet marketing. The World Wide Wed and mobile world is ever changing, and you need a marketing plan that’s flexible, can adapt to changes as the technology evolves, but nevertheless is solid and fits your specific needs. To try and invest on everything that’s new and shiny, however is never a good decision to make.

4.Be careful about reflecting your own attitude towards your business
Not many business owners and their employers are aware of this, but your attitude about your own business or marketing strategy will affect everyone else’s attitude about it as well. Your audience, which is your web visitor, your Facebook and Twitter followers will sense that you are not serious about your business, that you don’t really believe in internet marketing. You show these when you don’t post anything for weeks on end, when you no longer share anything, or when you fail in the department of Public Relation. This may be the reason sometimes it is better to outsource your internet marketing effort as the agency will sure be interested in getting the results.

5.Internet marketing is relatively cheap but you don’t have to look like a cheapskate
Yes, even preschool kids have a Facebook and Blogger account nowadays. But creating a page for your business on social media platform does not equal to executing an online marketing effort.

To pick a free image from Google Picture, place it on your website and to use free template for the business card design should never be an option. Your online presence look cheap and so does your business. You might think it’s a good news since your potential customers would assume that your fees are not expensive, but you are wrong. The overall impression you give is that you are broke, and the visitors will think that that is the result of bad and unprofessional services. There are ways to save a lot of money on marketing that make you look worth the price you charge.

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